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Zombie Apocalypse

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Do you love zombies? Do you love the thought of impending doom? Do you love writing/reading stories about zombies and/or impending doom?

If so.. I demand you join this communtiy and post tons o' stories!!!

-Either at the begining of your story or in the subject bar, give the story a rating (ie G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17). Some here may be under 18 or kinda squeemish.

-If your story is really really long, please lj cut it, just for the sake of people's friends pages.

-Don't insult anyone's creativity. This is a friendly zone, no meanies!!

-Constructive critisism is okay, unless otherwise stated. If I recieve a complaint, then I will evaluate what is appropriate and if you were out of line. If you get mean more than three times, you will be banned.

-Please, please please don't fish for compliments. Don't begin your story by saying "Oh, I know this sucks but blah blah" or "Don't waste your time" because it just ruins the mood, and gets rather annoying.

-If you have a problem with another memeber of this community, don't act it out through the community. Resolve it yourself, through your emails or whatnot. You will be banned the first time you argue through the community.

-Have fun!!!

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