~Mikhail (goddessmikhail) wrote in apocalypsezomby,

Baron Von Goolo wants YOU!

 Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Or do you just get a huge kick out of
dressing up and scaring the holy h-e-double-hell out of people? Then you
might want to hang out at FrightTown this September and October.

The FrightTown haunted house is the biggest and scariest haunted house in
the whole Portland metro, and we'll be reopening our doors at the Portland
Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, October 4, for a whole new season of thrills
and screams. Not too many people realize that all that horror is actually a
non-profit production by the 1031 Community Theatre - and every year about
this time we look far and wide for the best and scariest new volunteers we
can find. We have positions for actors, set decorators, set builders, makeup
artists, costume designers and more, for every level of experience from rank
amateur to polished pro. And since we're a local non-profit arts collective,
if your school or company has some sort of community service requirement, we
can help you meet it by scaring the crap out of people. That's a good deal.

Preparations have already begun and we'll be starting Scare School training
soon. Go to 1031theatre.org or frighttown.com for more details, or if you
want to sign up, click on the banner below.

Happy Halloween!


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