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Newly risen

Hey everyone, I'm new to the community, and thought I'd offer something. Below are links to some work I have posted online.

The first is entitled 'The Risen'. I wrote this in Grade 9 so the quality is not up to my personal par... but not bad for a miner niner. Is about 28 pages long on Microsoft word. Rated 'M' or 'R' for violent content and language.

The second in called 'Shattered'. Started this last year, lost interest in it, then started again after my infantry qualification this past summer. Took a totally different turn than what I expected it to. Still writing it. Rated 'M' or 'R' for violence, language and sexuality.

The third and final one for now is called 'State of Emergency'. This one spawned from a conversation with a buddy from work. He said we'd never actually fall to zombies because of advanced military machines like tanks. This is my response. Rated 'M' or 'R' for violence and language. The shortest of the three.

Hope you all enjoy the stories.
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